About Me

My name is Robert Okeke and I am the thoughts and opinions behind this website.  A number of years ago, I started reading about the economy here in Nigeria and the impact the world economy has on the way our currency and commodity prices change over time.  I have always had an interest in statistics and mathematics, so this was a very appealing area for me to study.

This simple interest became a career for me when I opened a trading account and I started trading currencies on the international markets.  This website has recently become a way for me to share my experiences with you – the Nigerian trader.

The information and opinions on this website are mine alone, and if you use it in any way, it is at your own risk.  Each of the brokers I recommend are well regulated and major players.  While I have tried each of the brokers I suggest for you to use, please do your own research before committing to them.  That said, I have over 8 years of experience in trading currency online, and I wish you the same fortune as I have had.

Risk in Forex Trading

Trading currency comes with significant risk, so if you are going to put your money into a trading account you must do so with caution.  Neither myself or this website will take any responsibility for your choice of a broker or your choice of trade.  In short:  If you lose your money, no one but you is responsible.  I don’t think I can be clearer than that.

The currency markets can be very volatile and there can be major swings and changes in short periods of time.  As a general rule, you should always be reading and staying up to date on all economic and international news, and take advantages of the free education you can get from brokers during the startup phase and further with their webinars.