Why use MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader is a platform used for trading the Forex market that enables its users to analyze the financial markets using interactive charts and the latest technical indicators. MetaTrader is probably one of the most recognizable Forex trading platforms and one of the most popular Forex platforms among retail traders. It enhances user experience by offering multiple features such as:

  • The possibility to automate your trading strategy through an algorithm executed as an Expert Advisor;
  • Multiple and flexible ways to execute your trades through various types of orders;
  • Forex signal services that allow you to copy trades of professional traders;
  • Analytical Functions that give you the chance to test your trading ideas;


Going forward I’m going to give you seven reasons why millions of traders choose to trade through the MetaTrader platform and what makes it so special that 90% of forex traders use it:

Easy to Use

Even though MetaTrader is an advanced forex trading platform, it’s very easy to use. The main dashboard presents all the information a professional trader needs to see in a structured format that you can quickly glance at, without the need to switch between different layers. The main menu at the top toolbar lets you access different commands and functions through the submenus.

Free of Charge

The MetaTrader platform is free of charge! This saves you a lot of money that you otherwise would have had to pay if you had chosen other trading platforms that can cost you up to $200/month.

Signal Service Provider

The MetaTrader platform has a built-in signal service system that allows you to copy trades of professional traders for a small fee. You can choose from a variety of signals. Importantly, the MetaTrader platform also acts as a third party providing you with analysis and statistics on each signal provider, helping you to make judgments about their reliability.

Alerts and Financial News

To better analyze the market, MetaTrader incorporates a news service that will keep you up to date with the latest economic data and latest developments in the financial markets. The Alerts system will enable you to create sound alerts when a certain event occurs.

Mobile Trading

We live in a fast-moving world enabled by technology. With the internet available on every smartphone trading is not hampered by traveling or work and we can trade from anywhere around the world where we have an internet connection. MetaTrader supports mobile trading for both IOS and Android as well as trading the financial markets from a tablet.

Algorithmic Trading

The MetaTrader platform offers you the possibility to automate your trading strategy through an algorithm executed as an Expert Advisor. The analytical tool gives you the chance to backtest your strategy and optimize your trading robots. The MetaTrader Market provides you with a very large library of Expert Advisors as well as indicators that you can buy for a small price.


Finally, the MetaTrader platform consumes low PC resources, but at the same time, it gives you security and protection. Data transferred between your PC and the MetaTrader server is encrypted with a 129-bit key. You can also enjoy anonymous trading because your IP address is hidden.